A Place to Relax

Do any of you have a favorite spot that you go to when you need to recuperate?  I personally love to sit back with a hot cup of tea (coffee if it’s the early morning) and a good book to help me unwind.  Oh and a hot bath!  Long days merit a bath with water as hot as I can handle to loosen up tense muscles.

I would love to say that I go on a nice long run to recuperate, but that would require me actually having energy.  Exercise is a wonderful stress relief activity for me, but at the end of a long day of clinical, energy can be sparse and I need to recuperate, not blow steam.

Okay, all of this is leading up to my dream home again!  This segment of my dream home is about my dream relaxation spot.  I suppose if Tom and I ever build a house this is something I would want to take into consideration; where will I relax?  Here are some of my favorite ideas.

1) Adirondack chairs


How beautiful is this?  Sitting back in the sunshine with a good book on this deck would be SO dreamy!  Add a big fluffy dog to that mix and I would be on cloud nine.  Thank you http://www.midwestliving.com for the lovely photo.

2) How about an amazing bathtub with a BOOK HOLDER


Can we say best of both worlds?  Look a this, a drink to cool you off a bit in a hot bath and a good book, how perfect!  I just love this.  This could be a simple addition to make any existing bathtub a spot to relax.  Are there any DIY people out there who think they could make this awesome book holder?  Photo compliments of http://www.boston.com.

3) A hammock


This hammock, from http://kimtimmerman.com looks like a relaxing place to me!  I love hammocks and I can just picture myself sitting in this with ice cold tea in the sun and a good book.

4) An outdoor fireplace


I don’t think that I would decorate my mantle with ducks or geese, but this fireplace outside on a deck is stunning.  Can you imagine sitting here by a hot fire watching the sun go down?  Picture kudos to http://www.buzzfeed.com.

5) A home library


Wow, wow, wowweeee!  I absolutely adore this fish-bowl style home library.  Tom and I are bookworms (though school kind of sucks out all of your spare time with dreaded “assigned reading”) and since long before we ever dated we both concurred that a good home would have its only library!  This is an amazing library from http://www.llk-c.com.  Oh and side note, the blog that I just referenced is SUPER cute!

6) A cozy armchair

cozy white chair

I would love to have my own armchair in my dream home.  I picture me with a chair like this and Tom with a big soft leather chair.  Naturally this amazing white chair is from Pottery Barn.

Tom chair

Here’s a nice big leather chair for my love… just his type.  This one is from http://www.havertys.com.

Okay, well now that you’ve seen another part of my dream home, what would your relaxing spot be like?   What are your favorite activities for recuperating?

Take time today to recuperate and relax!


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